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The Center for Austrian Studies serves scholars who study the politics, society, economy, and culture of modern Austria and of Habsburg Central Europe. It encourages comparative studies involving Austria or the Habsburg lands and other European states. The working paper series seeks to stimulate discussion in the field and to provide a vehicle for circulating work in progress. It is open to all papers prior to final publication, but gives priority to papers by affiliates of the Center or by scholars who have given seminars or attended conferences at the Center.


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If you would like to have a paper considered for inclusion in this series, please contact Daniel Pinkerton at

All Working Papers, except numbers 92-8, 94-4 and 95-1, may be downloaded or printed out from our website free of charge. Limited numbers of Working Papers 92-1 through 03-1 are still available in hard copy, plus paper 06-1. With that exception, all issues later than 03-1 and all out-of-stock issues will be available for download or printout from the website only.

If you wish to order a hardcopy of issues 92-1 through 03-1, or 06-1, please CHECK FIRST WITH US to be sure that we still have in stock the paper(s) you wish to purchase.

The price per paper is $3.00 ($4.00 for foreign addresses). Do not send a check before we have confirmed that a hardcopy is available. To order, send your name, address, and paper numbers requested along with payment to:

Center for Austrian Studies
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Checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars and should be made out to "Center for Austrian Studies, Univ. of Minn." We do not accept credit cards.

The Complete Working Papers Series

10-1. Gary B. Cohen, “The Expulsions of Ethnic Germans from East-Central Europe at the End of World War II

07-2. David Gallagher, "Ovid’s Metamorphoses and the transformation of metamorphosis in Christoph Ransmayr’s novel Die letzte Welt"

07-1. David S. Luft, "Das Intellektuelle Leben Österreichs in seiner Beziehung zur deutschen Sprache und der Modernen Kultur"

06-2. John Murray and Lars Nilsson, "Risk Compensation for Workers in Late Imperial Austria"

06-1. Arnold Suppan, "Austrians, Czechs, and Sudeten Germans as a Community of Conflict in the Twentieth Century"

04-1. Janet I. Wasserman, "Karoline Eberstaller: Is She the Real Link between Franz Schubert and Anton Bruckner?"

03-2. Fred Stambrook, "The Golden Age of the Jews in Bukovina, 1880–1914" (out of stock in hard copy)

03-1. Beth Bjorklund, "Working-Class Literature: Petzold's Rauhes Leben"

02-2. Hansjörg Klausinger, "The Austrian School of Economics and the Gold Standard Mentality in Austrian Economic Policy in the 1930s"

02-1. Stanley B. Winters and Zdenka Winters, "'My Life Was Determined by History': An Interview with Jaroslav Pánek"

01-1. Erika Weinzierl, "The Jewish Middle Class in Vienna in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries"

00-2. Alan Levy, "An American Jew in Vienna"

00-1. Lonnie Johnson, "On the Inside Looking Out: The ÖVP-FPÖ Government, Jörg Haider, and Europe"

99-2. Adi Wimmer, "The 'Lesser Traumatized': Exile Narratives of Austrian Jews"

99-1. Peter Thaler, "'Germans' and 'Austrians' in World War II: Military History and National Identity"

98-2. Christopher Long, "The Other Modern Dwelling: Josef Frank and Haus & Garten"

98-1. Dina Iordanova, "Balkan Wedding Revisited: Multiple Messages of Filmed Nuptuals"

97-1. Siegfried Beer, "Target Central Europe: American Intelligence Efforts Regarding Nazi and Early Postwar Austria"

96-3. Charles Ingrao, "Ten Untaught Lessons about Central Europe: An Historical Perspective"

96-2. Thomas N. Burg, "Forensic Medicine in the Nineteenth-Century Habsburg Monarchy"

96-1. Katherine Arens, "Central Europe and the Nationalist Paradigm"

95-6. Josef Berghold, "Awakening Affinities between Past Enemies: Reciprocal Perceptions of Italians and Austrians"

95-5. Stella Hryniuk, "To Pray Again as a Catholic: The Renewal of Catholicism in Western Ukraine"

95-4. Alois Kernbauer, "The Scientific Community of Chemists in the Nineteenth-Century Habsburg Monarchy"

95-3. Christian Fleck, "The Restoration of Austrian Universities after World War II"

95-2. Franz X. Eder, "Sexualized Subjects: Medical Discourses on Sexuality in German-Speaking Countries in the Late Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries"

95-1. Edward Larkey, "Das Österreichische im Angebot der heimischen Kulturindustrie" (only available in hard copy)

94-4. Jill Mayer, "The Evolution of German-National Discourse in the Press of Fin-de-Siècle Austria" (only available in hard copy)

94-3. Manfred Blümel, "Socialist Culture and Architecture in Twentieth-Century Vienna"

94-2. Margarete Grandner, "Conservative Social Politics in Austria, 1880-1890"

94-1. Diana Mishkova, "Modernization and Political Elites in the Balkans, 1870-1914"

93-7. David F. Good, "The Economic Lag of Central and Eastern Europe: Evidence from the Late Nineteenth-Century Habsburg Empire"

93-6. Gary B. Cohen, "The Politics of Access to Advanced Education in Late Imperial Austria"

93-5. Klaus Eisterer, "Recreating a Nation-State: Postwar Austria and the French Allied Contribution"

93-4. Richard Mitten and Ruth Wodak, "On the Discourse of Prejudice and Racism: Two Examples from Austria"

93-3. Solomon Wank, "The Nationalities Question in the Habsburg Monarchy: Reflections on the Historical Record"

93-2. Pieter M. Judson, "Inventing Germanness: Class, Ethnicity and Colonial Fantasy at the Margins of the Habsburg Monarchy"

93-1. Ewald Nowotny, "The Austrian Social Partnership and Democracy"

92-8. Harry Ritter, "Austria and the Struggle for German Identity" (only available in hard copy)

92-7. Richard Rudolph, "National Minorities in East Central Europe and the Balkans in Historical Perspective"

92-6. Lothar Höbelt, "Parliamentary Politics in a Multinational Setting: Late Imperial Austria"

92-5. Steven Beller, "Reinventing Central Europe"

92-4. Reinhold Wagnleitner, "American Cultural Diplomacy, the Cinema, and the Cold War in Central Europe"

92-3. James Miller, "Agrarian Politics in Interwar Austria"

92-2. Randall W. Kindley, "From Class Conflict to Class Cooperation: The Evolution of Austrian Cooperation"

92-1. David F. Good, "Economic Transformation in Central Europe: The View from History"