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Related Organizations and their Websites

Websites for organizations with which the Center for Austrian Studies maintains particularly close ties.

The Society for Austrian and Habsburg History (SAHH)

The Society for Austrian and Habsburg History was founded in 1957 as The American Committee to Promote Studies of the History of the Habsburg Monarchy. It has been operating under its present name since 1989. SAHH membership is defined by the subscriber list of the Austrian History Yearbook, published by the Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota. With your subscription, you automatically become a member of the SAHH. It is also affiliated with the H-Net discussion group HABSBURG, which is dedicated to the history of the former Habsburg lands and peoples from about 1500 to the present.

The purpose of the Society for Austrian and Habsburg History is to encourage, support, and further the study of Austrian history and the history of the Habsburg Monarchy and of its successor states. To this end, SAHH members:

  • Organize meetings to discuss scholarship in the field of Austrian and Habsburg Studies
  • Serve on evaluative panels
  • Prepare and distribute teaching materials
  • Disseminate information to the public at large

Kakanien Revisited

Kakanien Revisited is a website for interdisciplinary research in the field of Central and Eastern European studies. A networking project supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (BMBWK) and the University of Vienna, the site is intended as a resource for exchange and as a space devoted to the expression of a variety of perspectives on the past and present. German, English, and 23 other languages, from Bosnian to Yiddish.


CultureNet is the award-winning site of the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York, an agency of the Republic of Austria located in an extraordinary new building in Manhattan. It serves as a cultural meeting place between Austrians and Americans and seeks to enhance the appreciation of contemporary Austrian cultural achievements in the United States. It offers cultural projects reflecting the most recent artistic and intellectual trends and relevant perspectives, and cooperates with cultural institutions throughout the United States.

In particular, ACF aims to:

  • Present highly relevant thematic exhibitions on visual arts and architecture in the age of digital production
  • Explore new cultural avenues and interfaces between different art disciplines and between the arts in the real and virtual spheres
  • Create interrelationships between established expressions of art and digital culture and increase the relevance of cultural achievements of the past, such as classical music, for future developments in the arts (i.e. by means of "creative residencies")
  • Act as a forum for discussion and academic discourse on issues pertaining to the theme of transforming modernity, bearing in mind Austria's cultural position in the heart of Europe
  • Act as a platform for high-level online and televised debates on cultural issues ("art talk in the tower")
  • And raise awareness of contemporary Austrian cultural scenes, institutions and festivals (in particular, the exhibition series "windows for art")

ACF supports cultural activities of partner organizations throughout the United States with the purpose of:

  • Promoting outstanding contemporary Austrian artists in different disciplines
  • Assisting emerging Austrian artists in different disciplines to establish a reputation in the United States
  • Highlighting major scientific contributions from Austria