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Global Links

In our continuing role as a clearinghouse for information about Austria and its neighbors with a common Habsburg heritage, we offer a number of links to other websites in Europe and America. This is by no means a complete list, nor do we mean it to be. Our list is highly subjective and personally selected: every site below has been examined by a CAS staff member and declared useful and/or interesting.

We always list the language(s) of the website, even though it may seem obvious in some cases. Please remember that the language of the site is not necessarily the language of any historical documents that may be posted on the site. We have emphasized sites that will lead you to other sites, and most of the listed sites offer a certain amount of information in English, although you may have to find the screen where you are offered a language choice.

Of course, new websites, online journals, and other web resources appear every year. We invite scholars, students, and publishers to contact us with further suggestions for these lists.